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100% of ALL Monetary Donations Go to the Care of our Cats and Kittens.   
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We know people are looking to invest in an organization they can trust. Cat Around Town Project has strong leadership, commitment, and excellent programs which are dedicated to the care and well being of colony cats as well as working with shelters and the community to prepare each cat for a long and healthy life in a safe, loving and supportive home or environment. Your support will make a lasting impact on the lives of cats and the people who adopt them.
Your gift will fuel the health and vitality of our services, making the world a better place one adoption at a time.

C.A.T. is a private, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. It receives no federal, state or municipal funding, and relies solely on generous supporters like you to continue our lifesaving efforts. Your support will save the lives of cats, and enrich the lives of the families who adopt them.  Every member of C.A.T. is a dedicated volunteer, with 100% of every dollar donated directly supporting its crucial programs and services such as:
  • Managing communities including daily feedings, shelters, medical treatment, removal of adoptable cats and TNR
  • Rescue and removal of cats from homeless situations
  • Vetting, medical care and rehabilitation
  • Placement of cats and kittens into foster care where they recieve quality food, love and attention while gaining socialization skills  and confidence for their new life
  •  Match and placing of cats and kittens in forever homes
  • Match, and placing of  community cats into barns
  • Partner with local shelters to accept cats and kittens into our program with the goal of becoming a no kill county
  • Advocate and educate on the importance and benefits of spay/neuter as well as lifetime care for the general health and well being of cats and our community

Suggested items for donation:
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Canned cat food


Potty Training Pads

Cat Trees

Scratching Posts

Cat beds

Cat toys - Teaser Wand, Crinkle balls, mice, etc


Outdoor feeding/water stations - for colonies

Outdoor Shelter for colony cats

Traps for colony cats

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Your gift is tax deductible to the full extent of the law, and will be acknowledged with a tax receipt as a record of your donation. Gifts made in person and electronic gifts are acknowledged via email.  Paper checks and other donations are acknowledged via US Postal Service. Select the one that is right for you.

Cat Around Town Project
1100 Church Street
P.O. Box 544
Elgin, SC 29045

The kindness and compassion we show to animals is a reflection of our humanity and goodness .