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Are you Ready?

It’s easy to fall in love but caring for a cat is a big commitment. Before you adopt, we recommend that you make sure you are ready for the changes a cat will bring into your life. 
Think about why you want a new cat. You will live with your decision for many years. Avoid adopting on impulse or because of family pressure.        
Evaluate your schedule to see if you have the time to commit to a cat. All pets need basic care, exercise, playtime and love. It is ideal to spend around two hours a day socializing and playing with your cat to ensure that he or she receives adequate attention and stimulation.  Some pets may require more time.
Evaluate your budget. Over the lifetime of a pet, the cost of ownership can be quite high. We advise adopters to budget for expenses.  Consider how you will handle special challenges that will come along. Housebreaking, furniture damage, and medical issues are all common in the lifespan of a pet. Be sure you have the time and money to tackle these issues.
Evaluate your current lifestyle. If you’re about to move, enter college or take a new promotion requiring more hours on the job, you may want to wait until you’re more settled.
List some of the challenges your living situation presents to be sure your new pet is a good match.  Research pet care options for when you’re traveling. You’ll need to plan to take your new pet along or arrange for care through family and friends, or a boarding kennel or pet-sitting service.
Identify how to pet-proof your home. We encourage adopters to keep their pets indoors.  Companion animals live longer, have better health and are happier if they can be inside (even at night) with their families.
Familiarize yourself with local laws and regulations and be an ambassador for responsible pet ownership.  By following rabies, license and leash laws, keeping ID tags on your pet, cleaning up after your pet and practicing spay/neuter (included as a benefit in Cat Around Town adoptions) your actions will encourage others to do the same.
When you take your cat home, he may be frightened or unsure about what’s happening, so it’s important not to overwhelm him. Prepare a special area for your new cat to help ease his adjustment into a new home environment. Sometimes it is better to confine the cat to a small room, such as a bathroom, at first, to let him adjust before giving him free rein in your home.  Equip the room with food and water dishes and a litter box.  Another reason that we recommend a small room is because cats will typically hide in new environments. It is not uncommon for a foster cat to hide underneath a bed or in a dark, quiet place for the first couple of days. Isolating your foster cat when you first take her home allows you to know what room she is in and helps you to monitor her eating, drinking and potty habits more closely.

Our cats come from all types of environments and we don’t always know how they will react in a new home. So, before bringing home a new cat, you’ll want to survey the area where you are going to keep the cat. Remove anything that would be unsafe or undesirable for the cat to chew on, and latch securely any cupboards that the cat could get into. Cats like to climb up on shelves or bookcases, so you’ll want to remove anything that can be knocked down. People food and chemicals can be very harmful if consumed by cats, so please store them in a place that the cat cannot access.
​Now that you’re ready to adopt, visit the adoption events or contact us for the opportunity to meet with your potential new companion.  We will help you find the purrfect pet for your family and are here to answer all your questions and review information about the cats’ health, behavior, and grooming needs.  For your convenience, you may download the adoption application in advance of your visit. 

Thank you for opening your heart and your home.  Together we can save them all!

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