You can help promote our available kitties!  From sharing our event on Facebook, volunteering to greet customers and talking with prospective adopters.  We want our community to know who we are and what we strive to accomplish. This is an easy and rewarding way to get involved and help a cat find their furever home!


Some volunteer opportunities we have on a recurring basis include:
~   Weekly adoption events on Saturdays at the PetSmart on Ft Jackson Rd.
~   Monthly fundraiser/community awarness event at Tractor Supply in Camden
~   Farmer’s Market booth in Camden


We also manage many areas which are commonly known as community cat colonies.  We care for them by providing fresh food and water daily as well as watching for any sign of illness or injury. Any injured cat is trapped and treated, while all kittens and adoptable cats are removed and taken into foster homes for socialization and adoption.  The end goal is to remove all adoptable members and provide TNR to anyone who remains.



Click Here to complete the volunteer application and get started in mading a difference in the lives of cats of Kershaw County today!