TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release)

TNR, or trap-neuter-vet-release is the humane practice of trapping community cats who cannot be domesticated and brought inside as pets, spaying or neutering them and returning them to their original colony.


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Volunteers are needed to trap and transport colony cats to spay/neuter facilities as well as monitor them after surgery and transport them back to their original colonies.







Halo was one of a kind (as all of our kitties are) but he had something extra special that brought our community together. If you didn’t get a chance to meet Halo through our Facebook posts, you can read about his legacy HERE. You see, Halo was destined for life on the streets, then tragedy struck but a good Samaritan came in and scooped him up and Cat Around Town was lucky enough to love on this amazing little guy for 29 days.  In memory of his short, albeit, fulfilling life, we started Halo’s Legacy Fund. For $26, you can donate to the TNR of a community cat to ensure they never endure his fate. This $26 donation will alter, rabies vaccinate and ear tip a community cat in our area, effectively stopping the production of kittens and stemming the tide of the overwhelming number of forgotten felines.