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DLH Grey/White DOB: 2016-2017 Neutered   Mufasa came to us after being abandoned at a trailer park. A full grown adult, he weighed only 4lbs 1oz when we got him. Since then, he’s packed on a solid 2lbs, though he...



DMH Black DOB: Rescue Date: Spayed, Special Kneads Cricket is one of the sweetest souls, she is patient, loving, playful, smart and cuddles as few can.  She loves to chase and play but if she sees the opportunity to be...



DLH Orange/White DOB: Rescue Date: Neutered Creamsicle coined the phrase Curiosity Killed the Cat, this mischievous little guy is almost too smart for his own good!  He is the first to explore anything new and lets nothing get in way...